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CyberSN matches cybersecurity professionals to jobs and removes the pain from job searching and hiring. Our staffing service delivers ready-to-hire cyber professionals in under 39 days.


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A job is more than executing tasks. Work-life balance and culture are factors too. Use our job searching platform, KnowMore, to create a profile that highlights your abilities and find a job where you can be happy.

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Our comprehensive cybersecurity staffing solutions are designed to support companies with their specific needs. Our services combined with our diversity outreach program, is sure to make us your strategic partner.

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We have a cyber team too
We fill jobs in 39 days
52% of placements are diversity hires

Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond is an industry leader who has spoken countless times on the need to transform how we match cybersecurity professionals to jobs and how we retain them once they are hired. Learn about her vision and why CyberSN is leading the job search revolution with innovative services like the KnowMore job search platform.


We wasted lots of time working with contingency firms. I wish I worked with CyberSN from the beginning of our search. Life would have been so much easier.

- Barbara Muccia, AVP, Human Resources, Toa Reinsurance


Being Happy at Work Matters

Dating apps have revolutionized the way people find each other, fall in love, and build happy, lasting relationships. This inspired us to create KnowMore, the cybersecurity job and talent matching platform. On KnowMore, both companies and professionals all over the world can now find each other and match to jobs quickly. Spread the word!



Supporting Women in Cybersecurity

Our Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond also founded Secure Diversity in 2015 to empower all genders, and specifically women, to find career opportunities in cybersecurity. Security Diversity addresses the cybersecurity labor shortage by increasing the number of women and underrepresented humans in cybersecurity roles. Together Secure Diversity and CyberSN have established a diverse pool of cybersecurity professionals for pipeline development and succession planning.


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Join Deidre Diamond at the Cyber Strategy Retreat for Cybersecurity Leadership in Atlanta, GA

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CyberSN will be Silver Sponsors of the Black Hat USA 2021 Virtual Conference!