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What Can Happen When Skin Color Doesn't Matter

Friends, CyberSN, and Deidre Diamond all stand with Black Lives Matter. The treatment of humans is a topic I am in everyday, as many of you are aware. I talk with you about words and behaviors at work that cause problems and or that can make cultures better so that our community can have ...

State of the Cybersecurity Job Market June 2020

Friends, In continuing to share up-to-date information about the state of the cybersecurity job market, I am happy to say our profession is proving to be very, very resilient. Companies are

State of Cybersecurity Job Market: May 2020

Hi Friends, Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing what we are seeing during this crisis (which you can find in my first two blogs here and

State of the Cybersecurity Job Market Update

Hi Friends, It's been a week and a half since my first blog on the state of the cybersecurity job market. Here are our findings.

State of the Cybersecurity Job Market and How CyberSN Can Help

Friends, Since I was a young girl I have felt a sense of responsibility to care for others, a responsibility to always help when people are scared, sad or stressed. Today I feel this even greater, as our world and our country faces a major ...

Three Tips To Improve Your Video Interviewing

Anyone who’s searched for a job knows making a good first impression during the job interview is key, but what if that first meet-and-greet happens via video conference? Connecting virtually to a potential ...

3 Red Flags in Cybersecurity Postings

Unconscious Bias in Cybersecurity Recruiting (And Advice To Fix It)

Maybe CEOs Just Aren’t That Serious About Building a Strong Cybersecurity Team

In the era of the mega-breach, CEOs have increasingly been called on to account for the cyber readiness of their organizations. Ask any CEO and they’ll surely tell you that they consider cybersecurity to be of the utmost importance to their organization—in fact, 

KnowMore Debuted at Black Hat 2019!