Can IT Staffing Agencies Work For You?

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Everyone knows that if you want to get the job done right, you need the right tool. Trying to dig a hole with a spoon is going to take forever. In turn, mixing up some pancakes with a shovel won’t get you the results you want either.

We often hear from human resources recruiters and hiring managers that they’ve tried using IT staffing agencies and tech recruiting companies to fill open cybersecurity positions and found they don’t always deliver on their promises. We understand their frustration, but the lack of success is largely due to not using the right tool.

You Want a Specialist, Not a Generalist

IT staffing agencies will pitch their services across a wide range of careers as a selling point, but if you’re having trouble hiring for a cybersecurity position, why do you need all those other options? Bringing in a tech recruiter that searches for many different jobs and careers—IT, software development, or network engineers—increases the likelihood they’ll deliver a pool of candidates not quite right for the position you need to fill.

Cybersecurity is an extremely specialized field. The people who build careers in cybersecurity have their own culture and unique skill set. It helps them identify attackers who seek to find vulnerabilities within the systems and address them before they become a problem. Hiring a firm that specializes only in cybersecurity guarantees you’ll get candidates that have cybersecurity experience.

IT Staffing Agencies Promise Expertise, But Do They Have It?

Two reports released in 2019 revealed that cybersecurity positions are getting increasingly difficult to fill. Data from industry association ISACA showed that 60% of organizations are finding that it takes at least three months to find qualified cybersecurity professionals, while 32% said it takes longer than six months. A survey of nearly 340 IT security pros by Tripwire found that 80% say it's getting harder to find skilled people to fill their open job positions.

Because of the struggle so many organizations have filling these roles, IT staffing agencies are seizing the opportunity. Who can blame them? They know the demand for getting qualified cyber professionals in these jobs is high. An IT staffing agency may pitch itself as “specializing in cybersecurity” but you should ask, do they really have a reputation for finding qualified professionals that make a great fit?

Cybersecurity recruiters that truly specialize in the industry are able to fill jobs fasters because they’re not wading through endless resumes and LinkedIn profiles of people who may have tech backgrounds but are not in a cyber role. Speciality firms also know what these cyber job roles mean, and are not going to deliver a security engineer when a forensic engineer is needed.

In our role filling cyber jobs, we know what a stumbling block this has been for companies—and professionals looking for a job—that we created our own job search platform, KnowMore, where organizations can browse profiles to find candidates and post open positions, making the search process more efficient and less painful.

Hiring Challenges Require the Right Tools

Shifts in the economy caused by the coronavirus outbreak have led to hiring freezes, layoffs, and furloughs. Yet as CyberSN Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond recently noted in her “State of the Cybersecurity Job Market” updates, there are some organizations that realize how vital cybersecurity roles are and have been hiring. But filling these roles hasn’t been easy.

Even with increased unemployment numbers, there is still a lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals available for hire. In addition, those who might have been interested in switching companies six months ago are hesitant now, preferring security with the organization they know in uncertain times.

Adding to this challenge is our socially-distant work environment. Even as companies begin to open office buildings again, there is a desire to keep circles small. Virtual interviews present their own difficulties, both for the interviewer and the interviewee.

To fill your cybersecurity position in a reasonable timeframe, you need the right tools. That starts with a firm that specializes in cybersecurity recruiting and only cybersecurity recruiting. Having a recruiting agency that’s tapped into the cybersecurity industry and also understands your company’s needs will get you potential right-fit professionals faster. Here at CyberSN, we fill cyber jobs in 39 days—that’s less than six weeks!

If you’re looking to fill a cybersecurity role today, your need is urgent. The choice is yours. Pick an IT staffing agency that may get you results or a firm that specializes in cyber and understands your needs.