KnowMore Debuted at Black Hat 2019!

Hi Friends,

After all the years of discussing our broken job searching system, I am super excited and proud to be sharing that our KnowMore platform is here to solve the problem! After years of using our proprietary job description technology and our resume building technology we are ready to share it with the world!

This year at Black Hat 2019, CyberSN debuted KnowMore – the first of its kind international covert job platform. Using KnowMore enables employers to build and post job descriptions, using our common language taxonomy, shared by cybersecurity professionals. 

The revolution is here. No more vague job descriptions, no more settling, no more conscious or unconscious biases, no more fear of reprisal, no more struggling with imposter syndrome! 

Post up to 5 KnowMore job

descriptions during our Free Trial!

KnowMore offers: 

  • Click-to-build profiles – KnowMore eliminates the pain and frustration of writing traditional resumes.
  • Accurate job descriptions – KnowMore uses a cybersecurity common language taxonomy to build job descriptions. So that matchmaking with accurate keyword data.
  • Covert Profiles – KnowMore allows a professional to always be marketing themselves without losing identity privacy. 
  • Quality Matches – KnowMore makes matches based on projects and tasks of the job and the professionals experience, as well as the professional’s experience, base salary expectations, desired location, educational background, citizenship requirements and career progression pathways. This ensures employers and professionals aren’t wasting time considering jobs and profiles they aren’t interested in.

Thank you again for the support and encouragement along the way. I look forward to growing the platform with all your feedback. This platform is the way we all want job searching to be and is for us all. While we will prove the model in cybersecurity the reality is all professions need to follow suit.