Vague Info Hurts

Why do Cybersecurity Professionals have such a hard time finding jobs when they are in such high demand?  Some would contend it’s because there aren’t enough Cybersecurity Professionals in the world.

What It Means to Specialize in Cybersecurity Recruiting, and Why It Matters

At CyberSN, helping executive and cybersecurity leadership build their security and sales teams is all we do. We’ve created an exceptional reputation for serving the cybersecurity community, and have earned

Truth Sells

How honest are you with recruiters? This is a question for both hiring managers and job candidates. As you can see from my previous posts, I understand poorly skilled recruiters are abundant in the

Five Wise Owl Cybersecurity Workforce Predictions

Hi friends, A new year is upon us and many people have been asking for my insight into the 2019 cybersecurity job market. Unfortunately, talent acquisition and retention statistics did not improve in 2018 and I do

Wise Owl Tip: Love In The Workplace?

Hello Friends, I have a question for you: What do you think about love in the workplace?

Wise Owl Tip: Job Seekers—Tired Of Not Hearing Back?

Hello, cybersecurity friends. I have learned from talking with you that all too often, as job seekers, you are finding yourselves in conversations with hiring managers and recruiters—internal or

Is Your Team Set Up for Success at Events?

I hope you can attend Coffee and Conversation on Thursday July 26 from 12-1pm EST as I join the Meet team to discuss: PREPARING YOUR TEAM: Setting Everyone Up for Success at Trade Shows and In-Person Events Register here! Team preparation and training is one of the most often overlooked keys...

Be a Change Agent!

Cybersecurity friends, This article about our conference cultures, scores us all very low on accountability to our human behavior at business events. We have

Wise Owl Tip: Women Needed To Solve Talent Shortage

Friends, my article published on explains how we as civilians can help solve the economic and national security issue of the lack of women in cybersecurity. Please read it, reproduced

Wise Owl Tip: Are You Sure You Know How To Make Agreements?

Agreements are tricky. In fact, most agreements are disguised as roles, responsibilities, expectations, goals and/or projects. It’s no wonder that we have such difficulty making and honoring