We Need a New Approach to Hiring

When Gary Hayslip, the CISO for Webroot, Co-Author of The CISO Desk Reference Guide, and a highly valued and trusted leader in the security industry asked for my input on his article, Cyber Recruiting,

Speak Up, Speak Out

This past weekend Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, published her blog describing repeated gender discrimination by her department’s leadership and Uber’s HR department. Susan’s blog can be found here. As she put it, her “situation was escalat

The Best Ways​ To Attract and Retain Talent

This video, originally recorded for SecurliCon 2017, outlines the key things that everyone wants at work. Please enjoy and implement to see immediate positive results at your workplace.

Diversity at RSA

It’s going to be a great year for diversity at RSA Conference 2016! Several crowd sourced sessions and speaker topics are scheduled which will prompt discussions around the issue of the lack women in

Why Brainbabe?

The “brainbabe” leadership platform and non-profit brainbabe.org was born out of frustration that “booth babes” still exist. Calling a person a brainbabe isn’t about calling them a “babe,” or about how someone

#brainbabe: Celebrating Equality In Tech

Founder’s Note: The subject of this blog is very near and dear to my heart. For 21 years I have been involved in training entry-level people and I know first-hand people can be trained fast. The problem

Recruiters Reputations Soured

It’s been eight years since I last built a technical staffing agency, and boy, have the past six months of building CyberSN shown me how much things have changed.  For me, the most interesting change I’ve experienced while building CyberSN is just