State of the Cybersecurity Job Market Update


Hi Friends,

It's been a week and a half since my first blog on the state of the cybersecurity job market. Here are our findings.

Jobs on Hold

In my last post, I reported that 70% of businesses were putting jobs on hold. In the last week and half that has decreased to 60% and we expect this week coming that will drop to 50%. We have not seen layoffs from our clients.  There is still fear in the air and yet people are starting to move forward. Thank Goodness for this!

Organizations Are Hiring

Yes, they are. We have placed professionals over the last few weeks and we have professionals in process for offers. We have also experienced onboarding of brand new clients. This is all good news.  There are many organizations who believe they can’t afford not to hire cybersecurity professionals, such as the 30% that never stopped hiring during this crisis. These organizations understand that cybersecurity professionals with experience are not going to be laid off and if a few do get laid off it won’t be any easier to hire them when we are already short 500,000 of them in the US

Start Dates   

Last week I wrote that start dates were being pushed. The good news is that those people are starting their new jobs in April and May. We are now seeing start dates go back to the typical two week period from written acceptance. Unfortunately with the lack of ability to get expedited visas during this health crisis, we are seeing start dates for those requiring work visas, now taking two months on average.  

Mental Health

In my last blog, I shared that cybersecurity professionals were tired and working very hard. This remains to be true. Phishing and smishing (SMS Phishing) attacks are up significantly. Attackers are leveraging everything from falsified COVID-19 news headlines to popular communication platforms, like Zoom, and are making updates in phishing campaigns for current or future exploitation. The US-CERT released an advisory outlining recent activity; we expect this will continue and get worse. As CyberSN’s CSO and Strategist Dom Glavach shared with me, “The environment is target rich for attackers. People are seeking information and working outside the normal work environments. There is a potential for a calm before the storm of nation states and cybercriminals increasing their operations to recover significant amounts of information and money that has been lost during this crisis.”

Keeping this work pace in mind.  There is a silver lining for many to our current stay home situation. Many cybersecurity professionals are working from home for the first time, let alone working from home for an entire week and weeks consecutively. These professionals now feel as if they never want to go back to the office regularly again. They have more time even though they are working more, they are seeing their family in ways they never have been able to and they love it, they are exercising more and finding time for old hobbies—all while working more! I have a feeling these professionals will not be letting go of working from home entirely ever again. Our work in the office numbers will significantly decrease moving forward, there is no doubt in my mind about that.  

CyberSN Helps With Your Needs

We continue to offer our services at cost for those affected by COVID-19. We are here to serve our community and we care deeply. Stay positive, give to others and practice self-care my friends; together we are strong. Fingers crossed that this positive forward motion continues. Message me if you have any questions and check back here for my monthly newsletter.