The CyberSN library of cyber security resources.

  • The Cybersecurity Hiring Crisis: A CyberSN Research Study

    CyberSN has performed thousands of searches and compiled valuable data that shows why jobs go unfilled for reasons beyond the talent shortage. We commissioned a research study focused on hiring challenges in cybersecurity, conducted by Dr. Chenxi Wang, PhD. of the The Jane Bond Project.
  • The 2017 (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study

    The survey ran from June through September of 2016, and a total of 19,641 respondents completed the approximate 100-question survey about their experiences in the cybersecurity industry.
  • ISACA - State of Cyber 2017

    For the third year in a row, ISACA has surveyed security leaders worldwide to determine their insights and experiences with key cybersecurity issues.
  • LinkedIn - Staffing Trends 2016

    This annual report from LinkedIn uncovers staffing trends in the U.S.
  • LinkedIn - Why and How People Change Jobs

    This report uncovers the #1 reason people change jobs, the #1 way they first discover their job, their biggest hurdle to changing jobs, and more.
  • (ISC)2 Women in Security 2017

    The 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) – sponsored by (ISC)2 and Booz Allen Hamilton – was conducted June - September 2016, and had 19,641 respondents from 170 countries, likely making it the largest study of its kind ever conducted.
  • Cybersecurity: The Talent Challenge

    The search for cybersecurity talent is complicated for many reasons. This in-depth study from The Wall Street Journal examines the factors contributing the the hiring crisis and solutions for hiring organizations and job seekers.
  • Tech Leavers

    A first-of-its-kind analysis of why people left jobs in tech.
  • The State of Cybersecurity Professional Careers

    Recognizing an increase in cyber-threats, many organizations are willingly bolstering their cybersecurity defenses and making cybersecurity a top business and IT priority.
  • Increasing Retention Capacity: Research From The Field

    Over 300 security professionals, across a broad range of industries, responded to a survey between August and September, 2017, on topics pertaining to retention.

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