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    As a VIP Sponsor of the Day of Shecurity Virtual Conference 2021, we are committed to matching cybersecurity professionals to jobs and empowering employers to build fast, strong, and long-lasting cyber teams. Keep scrolling for additional resources that we think you may find helpful.

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    Our Non-Profit Partner

    Over 50% of our cybersecurity placements are considered diversity professionals. Our CEO and Founder, Deidre Diamond, is at the forefront of women and underrepresented humans in cybersecurity. She founded the NFP organization Secure Diversity to empower all genders to find cybersecurity career opportunities through education, events, and partnerships.


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    Only Cybersecurity

    We only work cybersecurity roles. This is why we defined the 45 Cybersecurity Job Categories, widely recognized as the standard in the industry. Numerous companies have adopted these job categories as their organizational standard. Our customers use them for their internal cybersecurity team’s job titles and performance reviews.

    45 Job Categories

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