Cyber Retreat

Join Deidre Diamond at the Cyber Strategy Retreat for Cybersecurity Leadership in Atlanta, GA


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Diversity Panel

Day 1 07/14/2021 - 11:30 AM EDT - 60 mins

Featuring: Deidre DiamondCalvin Nobles, Ph.D.Nita Patel,

Industry leaders in the Diversity and Inclusion effort to bring new talent into the cybersecurity field will collaborate and discuss solutions to filling the talent pipeline, retaining staff, recruiting outside your own network, and more.

Business, Technology and Security Leaders creating collaborative solutions

The Cyber Strategy Retreat (CSR) delivers you only the highest quality content provided by the best speakers across industries. The keyword is Strategy. Though cybersecurity has always been our focus, CSR has historically brought together business, technology, and risk management leaders to provide content that transcends industry. Nowhere else will you find sessions with information on security, business leadership, and culture in one place. CSR delivers on unsurpassed value and over 800 past attendees agree. Come see what CSR can do for you and your business. 

The Cyber Strategy Retreat was designed to facilitate collaboration among business, technology, and risk management leaders. We are promoting strategic thinking in cybersecurity because organizations cannot continue operating without a strategy. Organizations that are working to develop their cybersecurity strategy cannot continue to do so without bringing everyone together to identify strategic priorities and ensure resources are available to support successful execution.