ISACA San Francisco 2020

The 20th San Francisco ISACA Fall Conference is taking place place again, this time virtually.

Red, Blue, EQ - Deidre Diamond

10/27/2020 10:30 - 11:30 AM PDT

ISACA SF 2020 final

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Cybersecurity is a people centric discipline. We work in teams, communicate with a broad audience, make decisions during high-pressure events and attackers depend on people’s emotions to initiate compromises. Cybersecurity professionals can enhance cyber defenses as well as advance their careers, becoming stronger leaders and influencers within their organizations by increasing their Emotional Intelligence. This talk will cover the basic framework of strong EQ skills and how these skills will enhance your professional career and overall approach to cyber resiliency.

Why do your EQ skills matter?  There are several reasons.

  1. Eventually you will cap out on roles and money if you don’t possess strong EQ skills.  
  2. Because having strong EQ skills means very little relationship breakdowns and upsets.  This in turns supports the creation of cultures that can produce above the norm.
  3. The stock market and capitalism have put a premium on retaining talent.  Retaining talent requires strong EQ in Managers.  Being a Manager means you must have a strong EQ as you are responsible for others.  (Project Aristotle by Google:
  4. People are the predominant factor in the success (or failure) of a company’s data security and privacy practices. Attackers continue to leverage human emotions to gain access to credentials and confidential information. EQ is an essential cybersecurity strategy component.  

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