Point3 Webinar

Deidre Diamond and Chloé Messdaghi will discuss hiring through the lens of NIST/NICE Framework



This Q&A Session with Chloe Messdaghi and Deidre Diamond will discuss NIST/NICE and hiring technical security personnel - What Deidre has researched and seen in the hiring process, NIST/NICE framework, gatekeeping, and how to address how we hire better.

About Deidre

Talent and technology veteran, Deidre Diamond, Founder, and CEO of CyberSN and Secure Diversity, has created the largest cybersecurity talent acquisition service and technology firm in the U.S while focusing on the cybersecurity talent shortage, specifically the shortage of women. Deidre's mission is to remove the pain from job searching and matching for everyone. Deidre cares tremendously about people loving where they work and has been working to create cultures that have high EQ (emotional intelligence) skills. These skills focus on words and behaviors. Deidre is known in the D/I community as someone who works hard at making sure words and behaviors are inclusive for all so that inclusive environments can also be diverse environments.