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Catch Deidre's new talk "Human Resilience: A Myth" at the 2021 SecureWorld Mid-Atlantic Conference

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Humans are not resilient—they get sick, die, retire, and can choose not to work for an organization. Currently, a CISO changes jobs on average every 18 months. Burnout is at an all-time high. Cybersecurity professionals feel undervalued and underutilized. Diversity continues to fight for its place on the team. While the cybersecurity industry is full of useful cyber resiliency insights and research, the human role in the resiliency chain is often overlooked. Together, we will define human resilience and the four-part solutions to create human resilience: individual, team, company, and industry.

Cybersecurity managers and leaders will leave this talk with a proactive talent resilience approach plan that will keep their talent from being vulnerable and/or from nullifying their overall resilience plans.

Presentation level: MANAGERIAL (security and business leaders)

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