We Make Hiring Cybersecurity Contractors Easy

    Our cybersecurity contractor program provides companies the staff they need while also taking care of cyber professionals.

    What Makes Our Approach Different?

    We can offer information security professionals a more secure opportunity—if being a contractor doesn't work out we can place them quickly in another position or a permanent role. We also ensure they receive training, certifications, and access to trade conferences that are important to maintaining and advancing their skills.

    How It Works

    It is as simple as scheduling a call with us.

    Our cybersecurity leader and staffing leader will meet on a video call with you to discuss your contracting needs.



    “Without CyberSN, it would be like a mechanic missing a critical tool in their tool chest. You absolutely need to have an external industry expert that's a talent magnet working on your behalf. If you don't, it doesn't mean you can't get the job done. It just means the job is going to be exceptionally harder.”

    Ryan Weeks
    Chief Information Security Officer 
    Datto, Inc.

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    Need Something Different?

    Our KnowMore Community Edition lets you create free job descriptions and job postings that will be seen by hundreds of cyber pros.