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    Our goal is to find someone qualified, interested, and who will love working with you. Using our experience in the information security industry, our Engaged Staffing service delivers ready to hire cyber professionals in under 39 days.

    What Makes Our Approach Different?

    We are the only company in the U.S. that specializes solely in cybersecurity hiring.

    Our seasoned staffing directors and our internal cybersecurity team understand the roles and responsibilities of cyber professionals, the salary landscape, as well as the intangible, human aspects of the job search.


    No Need to Wait

    Use our KnowMore Community Edition to create free job descriptions and job postings now that will be seen by hundreds of cyber pros.



    Mario Duarte

    "If you want to waste your time on your own or with other firms, go for it. If you want to accelerate your cybersecurity hiring, you need CyberSN as your partner"

    Mario Duarte
    Vice President of Security

    Engaged Staffing FAQs

    Our permanent staffing service. We charge a fee equal to the percentage of the candidates first year’s salary with an up-front paid portion, that is then applied to the total placement fee.

    Think of it like Retained Search with a discounted fee. Clients use our insider information to attract the right talent and get them to a “yes”, from creating a job description to making the job offer.

    As a strategic partner we build your job description utilizing our common language job building platform, KnowMore™. We then discuss the salary and compensation needed to land the right hire, the hiring process at your company, and then your CyberSN Account Manager leads the charge to find the person you need. Your CyberSN Account Manager is your point person and will manage the entire process through to closing. This may include advice on offers, how to craft compensation packages, market intelligence about salaries and competitive offers, and hiring strategy information.

    Fill out our Contact Us form and a CyberSN Account Manager will contact you immediately to review the contract and schedule a kick-off call.


    From there, we will:

    • Discuss your specific job opening and give you a fee estimate. 
    • Craft a job description that will attract qualified and interested professionals. 
    • Recruit active and passive candidates for your role(s) using our recruiting search and match services.
    • Initiate a Salary discussion led by a cybersecurity hiring expert with information about how to attract people even if salary doesn't match up with needs.
    • Conduct an expansive search through all our channels, including contacts from KnowMore™, cybersecurity community events, our newsletter and other subscribers, social media networks, referrals and connections from our non-profit partner Secure Diversity, and other cybersecurity community groups, clubs, events, and initiatives.
    • Interview all potential candidates and qualify them for your job and your culture.
    • Prepare professionals for phone and in-person interviews and take feedback.
    • Guide you on the right offer to make or not make.

    We serve all locations in the US, Europe and India.

    Our Engaged searches result in a hire in 39 days or less.

    Partnering with us saves our clients money. By signing up for Engaged Staffing services, you are telling us that you are serious about filling your open roles quickly with qualified talent. This allows our recruiting specialists to give your search the extra attention it needs to be successful.

    Our Engaged Staffing promises to deliver dedication and a virtual guarantee that you hire a qualified cyber professional in 39 days or less. Plus you pay a lower fee!

    Our fee is typically 25% of the candidates first year’s salary with an up-front payment (usually ranging between $5-15k), that is then applied to the total placement fee. This initial payment is non refundable. Volume discount conversations are welcome.

    The up-front paid portion is non-refundable. 100% of our Engaged searches have resulted in a hire.  

    Some reasons why CyberSN may keep the upfront fee are:

    • You hired someone on your own
    • You put job on hold and aren't going to fill it
    • You change the job description and it requires us to do a new search

    It is a great fit for companies that want to hire someone quickly, hire for a specialized skill or function, or have an internal talent acquisition team that are not cybersecurity recruiting specialists. It’s also an excellent fit for companies with very busy internal talent acquisition teams.

    It is most likely a bad fit for companies that don’t have a sense of urgency to fill their cybersecurity job opening.

    With a 0% unemployment rate among cybersecurity professionals for the last 10 years, being connected to the cybersecurity community is imperative for recruiting. As a naturally secretive group, cyber professionals tend to shun publicly advertising their background on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Working with a firm like CyberSN that is connected to the cyber community and speaks the language of cyber professionals will save you time and money, while reducing the risks associated with having a vacancy in your security department. Let us know when you are ready to hire and are prepared to have someone start within 30-60 days.

    You should only purchase it when you are ready to hire and when you are prepared to have someone start within 30–60 days.

    Fill out the Contact Us form and a CyberSN Account Manager will contact you immediately to review the contract and schedule a kick-off call.

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