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    Our goal is to find someone qualified, interested, and who will love working with you. Using our experience in the information security industry, our Engaged Staffing service delivers ready to hire cyber professionals in under 39 days.

    What Makes Our Approach Different?

    We are the only company in the U.S. that specializes solely in cybersecurity hiring.

    Our seasoned staffing directors and our internal cybersecurity team understand the roles and responsibilities of cyber professionals, the salary landscape, as well as the intangible, human aspects of the job search.


    No Need to Wait

    Use our KnowMore Community Edition to create free job descriptions and job postings now that will be seen by hundreds of cyber pros.



    Mario Duarte

    "If you want to waste your time on your own or with other firms, go for it. If you want to accelerate your cybersecurity hiring, you need CyberSN as your partner"

    Mario Duarte
    Vice President of Security

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    CyberSN gives you the advantage with smarter strategies for identifying and attracting cyber professionals in a tight job market.