Optimize Your Cybersecurity Hiring Process

    Never hired a cyber professional before? Not sure what the right salary is for your market? Need help building an organizational chart? We’re here to help.

    How It Works

    Book a two-hour appointment and develop an approach based on the advice of two Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)—one a cybersecurity leader and one a cybersecurity staffing leader. They will define your needs, provide industry insights, share compensation data, and help you build a job description that cyber professionals will notice.


    Build Your Hiring Strategy

    Whether hiring one or many, use our cybersecurity industry expertise to optimize your process.


    Strategy Consultation FAQs

    A consultative service with our Subject Matter Experts that will assist you in your cybersecurity professional hiring goal(s). Our specialists will help answer your questions and offer their expert advice on the things you should do to increase your chances of success.

    In our initial meeting we will discuss the structure of your team and organization as a whole, your growth and hiring goals, your budget and expectations, help you create job descriptions that will resonate with cybersecurity professionals, and schedule our final meeting.


    In our final meeting we will present and discuss our recommendations. You will be supplied a presentation document of our recommendations to take with you after the meeting to review with your team.

    Fill out the Contact Us form and a CyberSN Account Manager will contact you immediately to review your goals and schedule a kick-off call.

    From there, we will:

    • Book a two-hour appointment to discuss your specific cybersecurity hiring goals.
    • Help craft a job description that will attract qualified and interested professionals. 
    • Advise on the recruitment of active and passive candidates for your role.
    • Introduce you to KnowMore™, our Cybersecurity Job Platform that you can use to search and match for qualified cybersecurity professionals.

    We serve all locations in the US, Europe and India.

    Contact us for your free consultation where we can discuss your specific situation and outline the pros and cons of using our service so you can make an informed decision—all free of charge!

    You’ll get a full review of your cybersecurity hiring process to ensure you are attracting passive candidates and are able to present them with an opportunity that they will accept. You will also be able to post your job on KnowMore™.

    This being our lowest cost solution, it is our way of giving back and sharing our expertise with the cybersecurity community to help the industry facilitate better hiring processes and practices.

    We are experts in the cybersecurity labor market and believe that hiring cyber professionals requires a different approach from traditional hiring.  We have developed a process and tools that virtually guarantee success in a full employment cybersecurity labor market. If you are already successful in attracting and retaining cybersecurity professionals, this may not be the service for you.

    The customary fee for this service is $2500. If you choose to work with us to assist in your search, we will apply this fee to a future service.

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    Find Your Match

    Our KnowMore Community Edition lets you create and post free job descriptions that will be seen by cybersecurity professionals around the world.