Love Where You Work_

A first job interview can be like a bad first date—you know that’s not a match midway through the interview. That’s why we created the KnowMore™ talent matching platform.  With KnowMore™, the chemistry begins well before you ever speak with a potential employer—by way of in-depth profiling products—ensuring a match before an introduction. When KnowMore™ matches you with a job, your odds of a lasting relationship are much greater.


The confidential job platform

CyberSN’s international talent matching platform where the chemistry begins well before cybersecurity professionals and employers speak—by way of in-depth, covert, profiling products—ensuring there’s a qualified match before there’s an introduction. Your profile will alway be confidential and free.

  • No more resumes
  • No more bias
  • No more fear of reprisal
  • No more impostor syndrome

See how easy it is to build your confidential profile

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