KnowMore FAQ

Questions about using KnowMore? We are here to help.

KnowMore™ is a first of its kind job matching platform. On KnowMore™ there is no need to copy and paste a job description nor upload resume. Additionally there is no need to share your name, your gender, or any personal data. 

On KnowMore™, talent seekers and job seekers use a common language to find and communicate with each other.  

Job Seekers create profiles devoid of attributable characteristics which establishes covertness. Through a covert profile a job seeker is able to passively market their skills without the fear of reprisal from their current employer. 

Talent seekers (employers) build succinct job descriptions and are able immediately match and communicate with cybersecurity professionals. 

With KnowMore™, the chemistry begins well before cybersecurity professionals and employers meet—by way of in-depth profiling tools—ensuring there’s a match before there’s an introduction. No match? No problem. You’ll never know each other existed. But when KnowMore™ does match a professional with a job that applies to her skills, the two are on the same page when they meet, increasing the odds of a lasting relationship greatly.

Salaries are super important to making matches that don’t waste people’s time. Cybersecurity professionals are spending lots of time in the interview process only to find out the salary requirements don’t match. This must stop. By indicating which salary band you are in, the KnowMore™ platform will accurately match you to jobs. You can change your salary band at anytime. You can search all jobs with any salary band checked in the filter you want. The key is honesty so that each match is accurate.

We believe your gender, age, race and other personal information is not needed for a job match.  The KnowMore™ job platform is designed to specifically connect humans to jobs.  Once a match is made based on your merits, you (the job seeker) have the option to share who you are at a pace you choose.  No more resume, no more conscious or unconscious bias, no more fear of reprisal and no more imposter syndrome, being covert on KnowMore™ provides you, the job seeker, the platform to represent yourself based on your skills.

When you’re ready to share your identity to an employer, you may reveal as much or as little information as you wish. Through the KnowMore™ ‘engage’ feature, you are communicating directly with another human, specifically the talent seeker. You may choose to share with them your name, email address, or encrypted messaging (Signal / Which) account. You are in control of your information.

On KnowMore™, there is no resume to upload. Within KnowMore™ you create a covert profile only containing the tasks and projects that you have completed. This information, along with your desired work location and salary, is how you are matched to jobs and how potential employers find you. Upon finding a job of interest, you can share your resume or additional information with an employer over email.

You can view jobs with or without a KnowMore™ account. Just define your filtering criteria to narrow in on the job you are seeking. In order to communicate (engage) with an employer or a professional you must have an account on KnowMore™ and be logged in.

We care about the security of your identity, covert profile and a password-only login is not enough to protect your identity.  Using Multi-Factor authentication at the start enables logins with something you know (your password) plus something you have (your Multi-Factor code) protecting your KnowMore account and your covert profile.


The feature can be found at My Account_ > Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) menu and you can choose to use your favorite authenticator app like Google Authenticator, Authy.. for activating it.

Once activated, the login pages will ask for the authentication code (along with the password) which can only be generated by your authenticator app.

In one word, Covertness. Text message requires you to enter a phone number up front and KnowMoreIn one word, Covertness. Text message requires you to enter a phone number up front and KnowMore empowers you to reveal information as it is needed, for example when you engage with a talent seeker or a cybersecurity professional. empowers you to reveal information as it is needed, for example when you engage with a talent seeker or a cybersecurity professional.

The  security tools or products used by cybersecurity professionals in a specific role and the surrounding technical or company specific landscape.  For example, InsightVM is my endpoint protection tool in my environment of Windows, Linux and MacOS.

No.  Tools and Environment are included to provide details about a job posting and enables cybersecurity professionals to gauge interest in a job posting.   

You name is displayed in your view and not displayed to the other party in the covert communicator.   Below is an example of the Talent Seeker’s view of the covert communicator when you engage a job:

A covert profile is the information KnowMore uses to match professionals to jobs and jobs to professionals excluding information identifying you specifically

When the eye is open, this means your profile will be prioritized over other profiles when an employer is searching.  If the eye is closed, you will still be on the employers search list, you will just be further down on the list. Employers will prefer to engage an active job seekers before they engage a passive job seeker.  So, if you want to be engaged at the highest level then keep your eye(s) open 🙂

You have full opportunity to disclose your personally identifiable information to talent seekers.  

We value and respect 

     – Privacy…we respect YOUR privacy
     – Honesty…

We do not want to collect your information.  We want to be the match matcher…to be the platform where talent meets its match.

We can send messages to your covert profile and email.