Meet KnowMore

Where Talent (job seeker) meets its Match (employer)

KnowMore™ is a job platform where your identity is kept hidden from employers.  You’re thinking….”wait, my name, email, contact information….my identity….hidden from employers…genius!  No more implicit bias.  No more resumes.  No more judgement before I’m even considered for a job.”

You are encouraged to use KnowMore’s proprietary profile building technology which we call your “Covert Profile_”.  When your skills and characteristics (your inherent talent) matches with a job description, potential employers are notified. These potential employers only see your covert profile and nothing else.

KnowMore™ encourages you to update your profile as your skills, talents, and interests adjust to your goals.

You can be active or passive in your job search. If you don’t have the time to actively search, yet you are curious as to what is out there, create a covert profile and let the jobs connect with you.

How it works

Start your Covert Profile

Start by telling us a little about what you do on a daily basis, along with your certifications, desired salary and work location. We’ll use the information to match you to jobs and to help the right employers find you. So go ahead, put yourself out there and get the attention you deserve.


Start Searching

Looking for a specific job? We provide the ability to see jobs that match your skillset. Additionally, you are able to communicate directly with the talent seeker all while remaining covert. You decided if the job is a fit before revealing your personal details. You are in control as to who sees your data.


Start Getting Matches

  • Everyday new jobs are posted on KnowMore™, if one of these jobs matches you, you are notified.

    Passively job seeking? Great, the jobs will find you.  Simply create your profile and allow a potential employer to find you, thereby freeing you to do the things you enjoy doing. If you are not interested in a job, simply say “Not interested”. Since you are covert, there is no need to fear reprisal or harassment.

Start Connecting

  • Once you found a job that interests you, it’s time to engage the talent seeker.  Through the covert communicator you control what information is exchanged. Once you are comfortable with the job, exchange contact information and formally meet each other.
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